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The Eight Trades Of Pennco Tech

At Pennco Tech, we provide the technical training and knowledgeable instructors, along with both hands-on and in-classroom training, all to help you to achieve your academic goals and enjoy opportunities for employment, career advancement, and long-term job stability.

INFOGRAPHIC: Why Choose Pennco Tech?

At Pennco Tech, we’re dedicated to helping our students thrive. We go above and beyond the standards of the average tech school to give you hands-on experience and do our best to hopefully set you up with a successful career after graduation. To learn about what makes Pennco Tech unique, call us today at 877-591-8730 (Blackwood) or 877-397-5075 (Bristol).

The 4 A’s of Achieving Success in Your Field

We all want to be successful and excel in our field of choice, but how do we get there? While the answer isn’t in black and white, there are steps you can take to ensure that you accomplish your goals. It all begins in school. How you perform when learning your craft directly affects how you will do when you’re actually in the field. To set yourself up for success, you need a strong foundation. Having a motto to live by as you navigate your way through earning an education at Pennco Tech can only benefit you. So as you get ready to head out into the workforce, make sure you’re practicing these four skills in school: A’s All Around
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4 Reasons to Choose Pennco Tech

Let’s be real: college isn’t for everyone. It’s a great choice for many people, but for those that need hands-on experience to get the job they want, people like us, there are other options. Do you have a passion for working with your hands and creating something out of nothing? Do you thrive off of being able to repair something to make someone’s life a little easier? If so, there’s a way to sharpen your skills that doesn’t require going to college. By enrolling in a training program, you can learn the trades of automotive technology, auto body and paint, HVAC, plumbing and heating, electrician work, medical assistant administrative, pharmacy tech, and diesel technician. You can build a well-rounded education
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Pennco in the News

Pennco Tech was recently featured on ABC Channel 6 (WPVI) in a segment called “Career Makeovers.”

Our Mission

Since 1973 Pennco Tech has been helping people achieve their goals. Pennco Tech has a long history of being the stepping stone people use to turn their dreams into reality. Pennco Tech can help you bridge the gap between dreams and reality. We are a technical school with locations in Blackwood, New Jersey and Bristol, Pennsylvania providing added convenience with multiple locations. We offer career training in areas including automotive technology, medical assisting, air conditioning and heating and pharmacy technician training. Our advisers at Pennco Tech will work with you to formulate a solid plan, and then give you the training and employer connections you need to accomplish that plan for after you graduate.

About Pennco Tech

Pennco Tech’s technical schools in New Jersey and Pennsylvania employ instructors who know what it takes to achieve career goals; through hands-on and classroom training you will receive the necessary building blocks to succeed. In addition, Pennco Tech is a military-friendly school that offers educational assistance to military members, veterans and/or spouses of veterans. Let us help you achieve your academic and professional aspirations. You served our country’s needs, let Pennco Tech help in serving yours. Take a look at our programs and choose the right one that helps you achieve your dreams.