As a community built on a foundation of trade careers, the tradition continues over 330 years later.

What career path do you see yourself on? Sometimes this question may be difficult to figure out. If you want to earn your diploma from a trade school in PA, let our experienced faculty and staff at our Bristol PA location help you in your decision-making process. What better place to receive your technical training than in a city that has thrived on trade careers and industrial growth from the start?

Bristol has a long, rich history as a hub for industry. Settled in 1681, Bristol was originally a port city and center of milling. And with the building of the Pennsylvania Railroad and Delaware Canal, Bristol became a prime location for transportation in New England. By 1880, Bristol was home to several factories, which lasted well into World War II, where old shipyards became the building grounds for airplanes.

Start Your Training at Pennco Tech in Bristol PA

Are you searching for a technical school in PA? Let our experienced representatives at our military-friendly school help as you explore the best option for your education. Our Bristol Township campus currently features a variety of career training programs to prepare you for a successful and fulfilling future. Pennco Tech’s experienced admissions representatives in Bristol are here to guide you in your career-making decisions. Receive your technical training at our campus in Bristol PA to gain the skills necessary for whichever career path you choose.

With experienced faculty members who know what it takes to achieve your career goals, as well as hands-on and classroom training, you will gain the experience and preparation to succeed. As a military-friendly trade school in PA, we offer benefits to military members, veterans and spouses of veterans. At Pennco Tech, we can help you earn your diploma and make your career goals a reality as you transition out of your military role.

Are you ready to make a move and get your career started? Then it’s time to receive your training from one of the many programs offered here at Pennco Tech. If you want to increase your marketability and job opportunities, request more information today!

If you want to find out more about one of our Bristol PA programs, call 877-881-4953 or schedule a school visit by filling out the form on this page.


Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning & Refrigeration
The best job security is knowing everyone relies on a product or service. In our modern society, most homes, offices and buildings have heating and cooling systems. Learn the basics of Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning & Refrigeration technology, which includes heating fundamentals, combustion analysis, and unit airflow setup and checkout. Pennco Tech’s heating and cooling training in Bristol PA emphasizes a systematic approach to HVAC service and troubleshooting.

Take the first step toward your heating and cooling career!

Automotive Body and Paint Technician
Pennco Tech’s technical school in PA offers an automotive body & paint technician training program that emphasizes hands-on practice and demonstration to cover a wide variety of real-world skills, which can easily be applied to jobs in this industry. As an auto body and paint tech student, you can learn fundamentals of welding, hand and power tools, plastics, metalwork and finishing, body repairs, and glass repair and replacement.

Take the first step toward your automotive body and paint technician career!

Automotive Technology
As technology improves, it’s important to be able to meet the evolving needs of the automotive service and manufacturing industries. With Pennco Tech’s comprehensive automotive technician training program, you’ll be able to learn the fundamentals of tool and workplace safety, welding, electrical systems and circuitry, brakes, power trains, computerized engine diagnostics, combustion engine basics, reconditioning and more.

Take the first step toward your automotive technician career!

Pennco Tech’s electrician training program provides extensive instruction, so you’ll be able to confidently take on power and wiring, including wiring for AV and telecommunications devices, and other practical applications when you enter the workforce. Our electrician courses focus on technical skills used in residential, commercial and industrial wiring. We also focus on specialized areas, including motors and motor control circuits, transformer installations, and service requirements.

Take the first step toward your electrician career!

Medical Assistant – Administrative
Are you searching for an administrative medical assistant program at a technical school in PA? Pennco Tech has designed a medical administrative assistant training program to help you develop the skills necessary to thrive as an assistant in patient care. Because medical assistants often interact with and help care for patients, and handle patient health records, they play an important role in the success of a medical practice.

Take the first step toward your administrative medical assistant career!

Plumbing and Heating Technology
In climates that experience four seasons and temperatures ranging from freezing to scorching, plumbing and heating is necessary. As plumbing and heating systems improve, the demand for a qualified plumbing and heating technician who can operate these systems will continue to grow. The Pennco Tech plumbing and heating technology program offered in Bristol PA can provide you with skills and experience needed to join this competitive workforce. Our program makes sure you’re prepared for day one on the job through 900 contact hours split evenly among learning the fundamentals, heating systems and plumbing training, and covering the technology each system uses.

Take the first step toward your plumbing and heating technology career!

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Are You Prepared for Your Auto Body and Paint Technician Career?

Pennco Tech’s Automotive Body & Paint Technician training uses hands-on practice and demonstration to cover a wide variety of skills. As an automotive body and paint tech student, you can learn fundamentals of automotive repair, including welding, hand and power tools, plastics, metalwork and finishing, body repairs, and glass repair and replacement.

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