Whether you’ve been in the automotive industry for years or you’re just looking to get your foot on the gas pedal and begin training for a future career in Automotive Technology, Pennco Tech provides the most quality Automotive Technician training program in Camden County and Bucks County to our students. Our dedicated staff of automotive professionals ensures that upon completion of the program, each of our Automotive Technology students goes on to become not only industry qualified, but masters of their trade.

Here at Pennco Tech, our core mission is to help develop the future leaders of the Automotive Technology industry reach their full potential both personally and professionally. We pride ourselves on giving our students the real-world experience they’ll need for a career during their training program. Aside from the fact that we offer our Automotive Technology school in Camden County as well as in Bucks County; Pennco Tech has the tools and knowledge to help you jump-start your career in the Automotive Technology industry. Here are a few reasons why Pennco Tech’s Automotive Technology program is where you belong if you’re looking to advance your education and career.

1. Hands-On Experience
As part of our Automotive Technology program, our students gain new, industry-relevant knowledge using high-quality equipment and softwares every day under the instruction of our certified educators and staff.

2. Auto Tech Program Focuses
Tool & Workplace Safety
Electrical Systems & Circuitry
Brakes, Power Trains, & Engine Diagnostics
Combustion Engine Basics
Reconditioning & Much More

3. Certification Preparation
In preparation for their future career in the industry, Pennco Tech gears our Automotive Technology program training towards getting our students ready to become certified by the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence (ASE). ASE Certification is a crucial step for all Automotive Technology professionals to take in order to advance their careers and to become the best in the industry.

Throughout the entire Automotive Technology program, Pennco Tech teaches students the ins and outs of every type of automotive vehicle, giving them the ability to not only find the issue and repair it but the ability to communicate with their clients professionally and effectively. At Pennco Tech, we believe that customer experience is a significant factor in finding career success in the automotive industry and want our students to have an advantage over their competition in the hiring process.

If you’re looking to enroll in our Automotive Technology program or would like to find out more information, give us a call at 877-591-8730 for our Blackwood, NJ school and 877-397-5075 to reach us at our Bristol, PA location. Join us today to prepare yourself for a better tomorrow!