Every day, thousands of patients arrive at doctor’s offices, clinics, and hospitals seeking vital care for their overall health. Typically, the first person they meet during this process will be a medical administrative assistant. They serve on the front lines and are the first impression to the patient about what level of healthcare they are about to receive.

At Pennco Tech, we offer our Medical Assistant – Administrative Program for individuals who are interested in a rewarding career playing a critical function in the smooth operation of a healthcare facility.


The Essential Role of a Medical Administrative Assistant

Medical Administrative Assistants perform duties in just about all facets of medical facilities. They communicate with patients and schedule appointments, give assistance filing insurance claims, and even perform electronic medical coding.

Maintaining patient records, checking them for accuracy, and handling accounting and billing are also responsibilities expected of this position. Their duties may even include clinical and hands-on interactions with patients, like taking vital signs, assisting with medical examiniations, and other responsibilities.

A Diverse Skill Set

Because of the sheer diversity of their duties and responsibilities, medical administrative assistants need a diverse skill set to match. Essential qualities for this position include an attention to detail, organization, and an ability to analyze data accurately.

In addition, professionalism, excellent communication skills, and a technical proficiency are other crucial attributes for a medical administrative assistant. Compassion and ethical integrity are also required to be effective at this critical and essential job.

Competitive Job Prospects

Due to the aging American population, there has been explosive job growth and employment opportunities for medical administrative assistants. This has become an in-demand position because of its significance in running a clinic, doctor’s office, or hospital.

These healthcare facilities rely on medical administrative assistants to operate successfully and efficiently, and as a result, individuals in this position enjoy promising career advancement. In fact, the Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that jobs in this profession will continue growing steadily for the foreseeable future.

Pennco Tech understands that working in a healthcare profession isn’t just a job, it’s a calling, and a career as a medical administrative assistant may be perfect for you!

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