Here at Pennco Tech, we aim to give our students the best education available to adequately prepare them for successful careers in the HVAC and refrigeration industry. With HVAC classes in Camden County, NJ, and Bucks County, PA, our course syllabus includes both practical and theoretical elements that work together to create the HVAC and refrigeration professionals of tomorrow. Below, we’ve summarized how our exclusive courses ready our students for their next job.

Practical Education from the Start

At the start of our HVAC&R program, we introduce students to the fundamentals of heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration technology. This part of the course includes practical learning by servicing actual HVAC&R components and systems. Both our Bucks County and Camden County campuses have a host of functional facilities so that our students can graduate and begin working immediately.

Industry Experienced Teaching Staff

On top of providing in-classroom lessons, via textbooks, software, and other resources, we offer exclusive hands-on training from dedicated instructors. The staff that teaches our HVAC&R courses are seasoned professionals with years of experience to guide our students through their training sessions.

Safety at the Core of Learning

As with most practical professions, safety is an essential aspect of any HVAC&R career. That’s why we provide basic safety training and other regulations of ACRH repair and maintenance. Additionally, we teach vital facets of the industry, including gas properties and heat transfer to promote safe working conditions. Students who enroll with us can expect to receive full training in system evacuation, circuits and soldering, and pipefitting.

A Variety of Industry Skills Taught by Professionals

Personal and environmental safety, along with training on the responsible handling and identification of all equipment, are both critical elements of our HVAC&R courses. We also educate our students on the basic principles of electricity, oil, gas, and heat pump systems. The practical side of installation and maintenance is also fully covered in our classes, allowing students to have a working knowledge of these technical procedures.

Graduate Prepared for Work

After graduating from our HVAC&R course here at Pennco Tech, you’ll be qualified to start working immediately in a range of HVAC&R positions due to your extensive training. The industry is set to grow by 21% in the next five years as both residential and commercial demands increase. There has never been a better time to enroll in our HVAC courses in Camden County, NJ, or Bucks County, PA. Contact us today for more information.