At Pennco Tech, we offer much more than HVAC classes in Bucks County, Pennsylvania. We also train people to enjoy success in jobs in the automotive industry. Automotive occupations are in no danger of becoming obsolete anytime soon; on the contrary, demand is on the rise for jobs in both the automotive technology and automotive body and paint fields. Completing the training on either of these programs will prepare you for a position that’s full of potential for advancement in a burgeoning industry.

Automotive Technology Program

As in all of our classes, our automotive technology program makes sure that safety is a top priority. Working with electrical systems, circuitry, and other tools of the trade is dangerous without the proper training, so we’ll prepare you to use them all safely.
Additionally, you’ll be taught in both old-fashioned mechanical work and the latest technology in car repair, including:
– Brakes
– Power trains
– Computerized engine diagnostics
– Combustion engine basics
– Reconditioning

With hands-on training, you’ll gain invaluable practice in diagnosing mechanical issues, using equipment to test vehicles, and disassembling and reassembling vehicle parts.

By the end of the training, you’ll be prepared to handle the repairs themselves, as well as the technical support and customer service sides of the industry.

Automotive Body & Paint Technician Program

Like the automotive technology program, training to be an automotive body and paint technician is the first step toward a career in an industry that’s not only flourishing, but growing. Conditions in both New Jersey and Pennsylvania are highly favorable to people entering this field, in terms of median salary and employment levels.

You’ll learn skills like:

– Welding replacement parts
– Proper use of hand and power tools
– Inspecting for damage and reviewing damage reports
– Metalwork
– Sanding and buffing
– Fixing dents and performing other minor body repairs
– Customer service (cost estimation, billing, etc.)

These skills are in high demand at several types of businesses, including:

– Auto body shops
– Car dealerships
– Automotive auction houses

The Start of Your New Career

In addition to HVAC programs in the Camden County area of New Jersey, Pennco Tech trains people in many different technical professions. To take the first step toward your new livelihood, contact us today.