If you’ve always wanted a career in the healthcare industry, but don’t want to go through years of college, then our Medical Assistant – Administrative Program at Pennco Tech is the perfect choice for you. This rewarding job not only has excellent and competitive career prospects, but it also allows you to help patients by providing them with assistance in their time of need.

While there are countless qualities that are essential to this profession, here’s a list of the top four attributes of an effective medical administrative assistant.

1. Attention to Detail

As a medical administrative assistant, you’ll be expected to follow precise orders and directions. Scheduling patient appointments, admissions, and assisting with insurance forms is essential to this career.

Measuring vital signs, checking body weight, and recording other critical information may also be included in your responsibilities.

2. Ethical Integrity

Understand that everything you see and do in your capacity as a medical administrative assistant could be protected under patient confidentiality laws. These patients place their trust in you, and they come to you when they’re the most vulnerable.

They shouldn’t need to worry about inappropriate behavior, which is why decency and integrity are key components of this trust between you and the patient, and essential qualities for a medical administrative assistant.

3. Analytical Skills

Throughout your workday, you’ll be receiving data, and will need to read patient charts, clinical guidelines, doctor’s orders, schedules, and more. Medical administrative assistants need to analyze and assess this data, and make determinations and decisions based on the information.

4. Compassion

When patients come to you, they are sick, in pain, and may even be scared. Medical administrative assistants need to be caring and compassionate when dealing with them. Understanding and accommodating their state of mind, and approaching them with empathy and kindness is crucial to providing these patients with the highest level of care.

Possessing these significant and impressive qualities already sets you apart from others, so why not use them to your advantage in our Medical Assistant – Administrative Program at Pennco Tech? A career in healthcare may be closer than you think!

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