The Automotive Body & Paint Technician training program at Pennco Tech covers a wide variety of skills through hands-on practice and demonstration. As an Automotive Body & Paint Technician student, you can learn the fundamentals of welding, hand and power tools, plastics, metalwork and finishing, and body repairs.

We also help you become a more well-rounded auto body repair technician by focusing on customer service aspects including damage estimation, billing, and more in our programs.

Our Auto Body & Paint Technician training helps get you ready for an entry-level position with auto body shops, car dealerships, automotive auction houses and more. One reason Automotive Body & Paint Technicians are in demand is that people make insurance claims for damage from accidents, vandalism, storms, and theft.

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An In-Depth Technical Education

If your passion is restoring the automotive function and aesthetics of vehicles, a role as an Automotive Body & Painting Technician could be an ideal career path! Want to learn more about what this career path entails?

As an Automotive Body & Paint Technician, you can support a variety of duties, including:

  • Applying new finish to restored body parts
  • Inspecting cars for structural damages
  • Preparing cost estimates
  • Reviewing damage reports
  • Repairing or patching dents, dimples, and other minor body damage
  • Fitting, attaching, and welding replacement parts into place
  • Sanding, buffing, and priming refurbished and repaired surfaces

Want to be a step ahead of the competition? You can also develop skills essential to the job, such as assisting in customer service areas like damage estimates and billing.

Learn a Profession That’s Hiring

At Pennco Tech, we train for a number of in-demand careers, including our Automotive Body & Paint Technician program, our Automotive Technology training, and even our Diesel Truck Technology program, which is only available at our Blackwood, NJ campus. The average salary for an Automotive Body & Paint Technician depends on the area you plan to seek employment. With a certification as an Automotive Body & Paint Technician, your resumé will stand out from the crowd so you can earn a job quickly upon graduation.

The statistics below are according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics:


  • Pennsylvania has one of the highest levels of employment in this occupation in the country. The median hourly wage was $18.82 in May 2016.
  • The annual median wage was $42,650 as of May 2016.*

New Jersey

  • The median hourly wage was $23.11 as of May 2016 and is higher than the national average.*
  • The annual median wage was $49,460 in May 2016 and is also above the national average.*

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that the automotive body repair industry is projected to grow 9 percent in the next few years—a percentage that is higher than the national average for industry growth. With an estimated employment of 184,300 technicians nationwide by 2024, opportunities are available for job seekers in this field with certification and formal training.

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