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Diesel Truck
Technology Program

Looking for a Fine-Tuned Career?

Do you like working on big and powerful engines? Are you a problem solver? The job of a Diesel Truck Technician is exciting and rewarding. If you enjoy an ever-changing job where you never have the same day twice, then this is the career for you.

Another reason to become a Diesel Truck Technician is the ability to work with your hands, be on your feet, and on the move. If a typical 9-5 desk job sounds boring to you, then you’re in the right place. As a technician, you won’t be sitting at a desk or staring at a computer screen. You will be working in the shop and constantly moving with no time to sit and stare at the clock.

This is a growing industry in demand of technicians. As diesel cars and light trucks become more prevalent, the need for workers to perform maintenance and repairs is necessary. Diesel engines are indispensable in today’s economy, making the occupation of a diesel truck technician incredibly valuable. With excellent skills gained from our training program (or another one of our programs, such as auto body tech training or automotive technology training), you might find new career opportunities in the near future.

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Diesel Truck Instructor and Student Working Under Hood


Job Growth

Projected to grow 5%
from 2018-2028

Employment Opportunities

Over 285,300 new jobs
are projected for 2018-2028


The average salary is
$47,350 per year
$22.76 per hour

*The numbers and information above are based on statistics from the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Because of their efficiency and durability, diesel engines are used all over the world as a reliable way to power our modes of transportation and construction. With training in our Diesel Truck Technology Program at Pennco Tech, we can prepare you for a lucrative and fulfilling career that will allow you to transfer your passion for the trade of Diesel Truck Technology into a profession.

Enroll Today!

If you are looking for a Diesel Truck Technology Program (at our Blackwood campus only), contact us today. We can have you visit our campus and see first-hand how we prepare our students for this in-demand career field.

High school diploma, GED, or equivalent required.

Diesel Truck Student Examining Reading on Equipment

About The Progam

Diesel Truck Technicians are responsible for the repair and maintenance of diesel engines. Compared to automotive engines, diesel engines power heavy-duty machinery such as trucks, tractor-trailers, and busses. Our industry-experienced instructors will teach you the skills and techniques necessary to become a diesel truck technician in a hands-on environment.

As a student enrolled in our Diesel Truck Technology Program, you will work on a variety of repairs including rotating tires, changing oil, checking fluid levels, and replacing malfunctioning parts. They also inspect different parts of the vehicle including brakes, steering, engines, and transmissions.

As technology becomes more complex in vehicles, so do the repairs of vehicles. For example, technicians will use laptops to diagnose problems within electronic systems. They must read and interpret tests and software to determine malfunctions and errors with technology. In addition to this technology, technicians use both power tools and manual tools.

Our Diesel/Truck Technology Graduates Find Careers As

Diesel Technician

Bus/Truck Technician

Fleet Technician

Heavy Vehicle and Mobile Equipment Service Mechanic

I love the staff and the instructors were awesome. They knew things I couldn’t even think of before, but now I’m ready for my career in my field of study. I recommend this school to anyone that dives in deep with torque specs for engine rebuilding, volumetric efficiency, and coefficient of friction understanding.

Mack D., Diesel Truck Technology Program

The diesel program was a very good decision for me to take. Very informative instructors and great hands on experience.

Tyler D., Diesel Truck Technology Program

Thoroughly enjoyed all the teachers and my time there. Great school.

Mike K., Diesel Truck Technology Program