Diesel engines have several advantages over conventional engines which make them crucial to just about every industry and job field in today’s construction and mass transportation industries, which is why we offer our Diesel Truck Technology program, only available at our Blackwood, NJ campus.

From building and demolition equipment to tractor trailers and everything in between, the efficiency, increased torque, and longer lifespan over conventional engines make this technology the go-to solution for many projects and jobs that require the versatility and resilience of a diesel engine.

A Comprehensive Approach to Diesel Truck Technology Education

We believe that learning through a broad variety of methods provides the most well-rounded and comprehensive education possible. We accomplish this through several ways. We employ in-classroom learning to familiarize students with a background in the fundamentals of Diesel Truck Technology, utilizing textbooks, software, and other resources.

As part of our dedication to preparing our students for a career in Diesel Truck Technology, we also offer extensive hands-on training in this program. We feature industry standard equipment at our Blackwood, NJ school in the Camden County area. In addition to our Diesel Truck Technology program, we also offer an Automotive Body & Paint Technician program at our facilities.

Another way we provide comprehensive education is through our industry qualified instructors. These committed educators not only have considerable experience and expertise in the field, but they are also enthusiastic, passionate, and eager to offer guidance and direction for their students and get them on the path to gainful employment in the industry.

At Pennco Tech, we not only offer our Diesel Truck Technology program, but we feature our Automotive Technology program to give our students the education and confidence to succeed in their trade by maintaining and servicing these prevalent machines and their various components.

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Diverse Skills and Proficiencies

Diesel mechanics need to have a wide skill set to repair and maintain diesel engines adequately. Upon completing our Diesel Truck Technology program at Pennco Tech, you’ll be well-versed in the fundamentals of diesel technology, including workplace and tool safety, to ensure training in the careful and responsible use of diesel engine maintenance equipment.

You’ll also be able to diagnose electrical, hydraulic, suspension, and brakes system issues as a highly-trained technician. Troubleshooting and rebuilding diesel engines will be a significant focus of this program, and a variety of engine types will be examined and studied.

Our Diesel Truck Technology program also includes training on combustion engine basics, powertrains, electrical systems, and circuitry, all to give you the diversity of skill and knowledge required in this field.

Endless Career Opportunities

The outlook for career opportunities for Diesel Truck Technology is a positive one, with the industry seeing a boost in available jobs over the next several years. Due to the continued and even increased reliance on diesel engines, there is currently a high-demand for diesel technicians across the country. Diesel engines aren’t just used to power tractor trailers, but they’re used in a wide array of industries and types of work. Fire trucks, construction vehicles, buses, trains, cargo ships, and even generators are just some of the various machinery that relies on diesel technology.

According to BLS.gov, the current average diesel technician salary is $42,320. Formal postsecondary training in this area combined with technical skills can enhance your search for diesel truck jobs.*

Because of their efficiency and durability, diesel engines are used all over the world as a reliable way to power our modes of transportation and construction. With training in our Diesel Truck Technology program at Pennco Tech, we can prepare you for a lucrative and fulfilling career that will allow you to transfer your passion for the trade of diesel technology into a profession.

For more information on our Diesel Truck Technology program, which is only available at our Blackwood, NJ campus, contact us today and explore all our Bucks County and Camden County locations have to offer.