At Pennco Tech, we follow in the footsteps of one of our nation’s greatest and most influential inventors, Ben Franklin. Now, while it’s uncertain to what degree he actually “discovered” electricity, we adhere to that same spirit of curiosity and inquisitiveness in our electrician training program.

At Pennco Tech, we not only offer our Electrician program at both of our campuses, but a Plumbing & Heating Technology program at our Bristol, PA campus, and a comprehensive technical education in electrical training, outfitting, and maintenance for our students to receive a broad range of training in this field of study.

Hands-On Experience

A hands-on approach to education is the focus of our programs at Pennco Tech. Technical skills and proficiencies are most easily learned and retained by a hands-on learning method, and it’s an ideal way to improve applied skills. Not only does our hands-on learning approach allow us to give our students guidance and instruction, but it also creates one-on-one opportunities for personal direction.

We proudly feature dedicated instructors who are committed to giving their students the most personalized education possible. Our teachers not only have extensive experience and expertise in their respective fields, but they are also friendly, approachable, and eager to share their years of experience with our students.

In addition, we also provide in-classroom instruction to supplement our Electrician program. These classes utilize the most up-to-date publications, software, and resources to give our students a well-rounded education and get them comfortable with the fundamentals and theories of electrical wiring.

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A Variety of Skills and Proficiencies

When you graduate from our Electrician program at Pennco Tech, you’ll be knowledgeable in a variety of skills. You’ll acquire skills such as deductive reasoning, which will prepare you to identify problems in complex electrical grids.

You’ll also acquire logical skills that can assist you when examining electrical blueprints, helping you to quickly scan them and identify potential problems and issues.

Another skill that you’ll gain during your Electrician program at Pennco Tech trade school is proficiency in manual dexterity. Working with wires requires a refined motor function and control when using the small tool and components involved in electrical work.

Learning math skills is also a significant portion of the Electrician program at Pennco Tech. Being able to analyze and create schematics is a crucial skill of an electrician. Add these skills to the problem-solving abilities of an electrician, and you’ll have a balanced and comprehensive approach to electrical education and training.

A Positive Career Outlook

At Pennco Tech, we set you up for success. With your passion for electrical theory and applications, you’ll enjoy a well-earned lucrative career as a highly sought after and in-demand electrician.

According to, the current average electrician salary is $49,840. Electrician job growth between 2012 and 2022 is projected at a faster-than-average 20 percent. Electricians employed in factories have the most steady job roles.*

With the continued trend of new construction project across the country, you can rest assured that you’ll not only have job security and safety, but opportunities for career advancement with an electrical education from Pennco Tech.

For more information on our Electrician program, or for enrollment information on our Air Conditioning, Refrigeration & Heating program at our trade schools located in Bucks County and Camden County, contact us today!