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Pharmacy Technician Program

We’ve Got the Prescription for an Excellent Career

Are you detailed oriented and enjoy working in the healthcare industry? Pennco Tech can help you train to become a Pharmacy Technician and prepare you for an entry-level position in healthcare! We have ongoing enrollment all year round to help you build a future you can be proud of and start a journey to a new career pathway.

Pennco Tech offers students a mixture of hands-on, classroom, and laboratory training. The program focuses topics such as medical terminology, administrative procedures, pharmacology, laboratory skills, human anatomy, physiology, medical billing and coding, and much more. This program helps you build the skills you need to start an exciting new career.

If the administrative side of the medical industry sounds appealing to you, you may also want to consider our Medical Administrative Assistant program.

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Job Growth

Projected to grow 7%
from 2018-2028

Employment Opportunities

Over 420,400 new jobs
are projected for 2018-2028


The average salary is
$32,700 per year
$15.72 per hour

*The numbers and information above are based on statistics from the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

There are many benefits to being a Pharmacy Technician. Most report having flexible schedules, and the number of job opportunities is growing tremendously. As the Baby Boomer generation is aging, a greater percentage of the U.S. population is growing old, which means more people who need medications. That means a demand for more pharmacists and more Pharmacy Technicians with expected job growth of 7% between 2018 and 2028.*

Enroll Today!

Contact us today and get ready to start the career of your dreams! To learn more about our Pharmacy Technician Programs at our Bucks County and Camden County schools.

High school diploma, GED, or equivalent required.

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About The Program

If you have ever had any interest in working in healthcare, you may want to take a hard look at enrolling in our Pharmacy Technician Program.

In our Pharmacy Technician Program, you will learn to meet the highest standards of professionalism, confidentiality, and ethics. The program is designed to help you develop a broad understanding of medical and pharmaceutical terminology, and study the different kinds of effects that medications can have on the human body. Your program will conclude with a professional internship that will prepare you for your certification.


One of the main duties of this profession is helping pharmacists with giving out and dispensing medication. Being a Pharmacy Technician requires a lot of precision and attention to detail. Responsibilities may also include helping with measuring, mixing, counting, and labeling the dosages of medications.

A Pharmacy Technician maintains patient records and insurance information and makes sure that medications are properly filled within a certain time frame. Pharmacy Technicians mostly work in hospitals, drug stores, and pharmacies, but they can also be found working in department stores and grocery stores.

Pharmacy Technicians work under the supervision of a pharmacist to supply medicines to patients, whether via prescription or over the counter. They are responsible for filling the prescriptions based on the written directions of the doctor and under the guidance of the pharmacist. They may also assist in managing medical supplies and conducting inventories.

Our Pharmacy Technician Graduates Find Careers As

Pharmacy Technician

Billing and Quality Technician

Pharmacy Aide

Health Care Support

“I was ready for a career change and I did it. My education at Pennco Tech got me started. Thank you for everything you’ve done to help me through the program and to get me to where I am today.”

Jamie J., Pharmacy Technician

“I absolutely recommend Pennco tech I graduated as top tech with honors and now I’m back at school attending the medical administrative assistant program this is a great school to go to if you are serious about having a career the staff and teachers are beyond amazing.”

Joanie S., Pharmacy Technician

“Pennco Tech has amazing instructors. It was a very hands-on experience and the instructors helped all students. There was never a time when I didn’t get help or tutoring when I needed it. I loved everything about the pharmacy program.”

Amanda M., Pharmacy Technician

“I really enjoyed the Pharmacy Tech program here. The instructors were phenomenal, and I feel like I am truly prepared to go into the field. The hands-on training really helped!”

Brandi L., Pharmacy Technician

“I highly recommend Pennco Tech! The staff and career services were amazing and so helpful. You will have nothing but great experiences here and be on your way to the job of your dreams. Thank you Pennco I will miss you all dearly!”

Dominique D., Pharmacy Technician

“The pharmacy program at Pennco Tech gets you prepared for the field. The instructor (Ms. Ortiz) is very knowledgeable and treats everyone fairly. If you need extra help she stays after class to make sure you understand everything. I love this school it supports all Vets.”

Rosa F., Pharmacy Technician