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The Importance of ASE Certification

December 18th, 2023

Upon graduation from our automotive technology, diesel technology, and other programs, graduates of Pennco Tech can benefit from continuing with their education. One way they can do this is by earning additional ASE certifications. ASE certifications are specialized certificates that show both employers and customers that you are a serious and reliable mechanic.

At Pennco Tech, we offer a variety of courses in New Jersey and Pennsylvania to help get you started on your path to the automotive industry, including our automotive technology program, collision repair program, and diesel technology program. Here, we discuss what an ASE certification is, how to earn one, and the benefits it can provide.

What Is an ASE Certification?

ASE certifications are certificates distributed by National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence. It holds mechanics to a higher standard of vehicle testing and repair. It is designed to test your skills as an automobile mechanic by asking specialized questions that cater to the type of work you do. Mechanics can earn one or many ASE certifications in a variety of specialties, including:

  • Refinishing and painting
  • Compressed natural gas
  • Manual axles and drive train
  • Collision repair
  • Air conditioning and heating
  • Collision damage estimation
  • Truck equipment
  • Light automobiles
  • Electrical systems installation
  • Engine performance

While it is not required to have ASE certification to enter the workforce following completion of a vocational school program, it can provide many benefits in terms of finding a job and advancing your career.

How to Become Certified

To become certified, graduates must first have at least two years of experience in the field. For students at Pennco Tech, your time spent at our mechanic school can count toward that required work experience. However, you can also decide to get your certifications later in your career. Some ASE certifications may require additional years of experience before you can earn certification.

Depending on the field in which you specialize, there are many different tests you can take. Students who take our diesel technology program, automotive technology program, or collision repair program can benefit from becoming certified in a variety of ASE specialties, such as collision repair.

Choosing the right ASE certification starts by looking at your previous work experience. This can help you determine the skills in which you excel, which jobs you are most interested in pursuing, and the competencies that can help you in your future. From there, you can decide which ASE certification is most beneficial for your career path.

Graduates must pay a registration fee to take the certification exam. Once paid, they receive the resources and materials needed to study for the exam. Some certifications must be renewed by taking exams every couple of years.

Advantages of Becoming Certified

There are many benefits to earning an ASE certification, including:

Increased Hiring Chances

Employees with ASE certifications can have an advantage over other mechanics applying for the same job. This is because those who are ASE certified have sought-after qualities that can help automotive shops thrive. When a company hires a professional who is ASE-certified, they can advertise to customers that they are a trusted and reliable mechanic shop. This can attract customers and boost customer retention.

In addition, having ASE certification in more specialized fields can help you pursue unique job opportunities. For example, those with ASE certification for commercial buses may be more likely to get a job working with those types of vehicles than others who do not hold the right certifications.

Increased Pay

Earning your ASE certification can potentially boost pay and promotion opportunities. This is because certification indicates you have taken the necessary steps to obtain specialized skills in the automotive industry. In turn, this can put you ahead of other employees, meaning you are more valuable to employers.

This also means you can potentially earn a higher income than those without certifications. In addition, it can help fast-track your growth within your company, as you are a reliable resource for coworkers to turn to when they need expert advice. It also means you have the skills necessary to manage additional responsibilities.

Customer and Employee Satisfaction

Having your ASE certification lets customers and employers know you take your work seriously. It gives customers peace of mind knowing their work is being completed by a knowledgeable, experienced technician. It also lets employers know you care about advancing your career, and it demonstrates you have essential skills that can be useful in the auto mechanic industry.

Take Our Diesel or Auto Mechanic Courses

If you’re searching for the right automotive schools in the area, look no further than Pennco Tech. We have locations in Bristol, PA, and Blackwood, NJ. To learn more about earning ASE certification following graduation, contact us today.

‘I got it!!!!!I got it!’, Anthony said as he raced into the Career Services Office. He was talking about his new job. Hired by a former graduate of Pennco Tech, Anthony will begin his new career with a two-day OSHA training course.

Anthony Z. - Air Conditioning/Heating Graduate

I enjoyed all my teachers. They made it interesting and challenging. I enjoyed going back to school at the age of 48! Career Services was a big help to me. Danielle was great. She helped me with my resume and showed me how to apply. I got the job with Dietz and Watson! Pennco Tech was the right choice for me as I get ready to start my career.

Mark E. - Electrician Graduate

I just wanted to say thank you again for all your help…I just got a full time job at Kennedy Healthcare in Stratford, NJ as a Patient Services Representative. Thank you again.

Maria Z. - Medical Assisting Administrative Graduate