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What to Know about Expanding Opportunities in the HVAC&R Industry

June 22nd, 2021

HVAC&R Technicians On The Job

June 22 is National HVAC Technician Day! Pennco Tech would like to take this opportunity acknowledge and thank all HVAC Technicians for the great service they provide!  The role of an HVACR (Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration) technician is an important one, and with 376,800 job opportunities nationwide, it’s a great profession to consider entering.

Many factors go into choosing the right career training program. You need to find something you’ll enjoy doing throughout your career with plenty of opportunities for growth and professional advancement. At the same time, career training students are looking for jobs with rising demand and a bright future ahead. Pursuing a career as a heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and refrigeration (HVAC&R) technician makes it possible to achieve all of these.

As the technology utilized by commercial and residential HVAC&R systems becomes more advanced, homeowners and businesses alike have opted to upgrade their systems to embrace modern technologies, improve efficiency, and enhance comfort. As such, there’s never been a better time to launch a new career in the HVAC&R industry with the assistance of Pennco Tech. Here, we explore growing demand and new opportunities for qualified, skilled HVAC&R professionals and how to get started with our HVAC&R career training program.

An Increase in Prosperous HVAC&R Employment Opportunities

The U.S. Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics reported an extremely positive occupational outlook for HVAC&R mechanics and installers. In 2020, the median pay came in at $50,590 per year or $24.32 per hour, with long-term on-the-job training offered so professionals can stay updated with all industry changes. What’s more, employment numbers are expected to grow by 4% from 2019 to 2029, with just some of the opportunities including the following:

  • Construction contractors
  • In-house HVAC&R positions at locations such as:
    • Office buildings
    • Schools
    • Hospitals
    • Factories
    • Scientific laboratories
  • Residential
  • Self-employment
  • And more…

In addition to upgrades and repairs to existing systems, growing numbers of residential and commercial construction projects require individuals with the training, skills, and experience needed to successfully install, maintain, service, and troubleshot increasingly complex HVAC&R systems. With this demand for new HVAC&R systems and technologies comes the need for qualified HVAC&R technicians with the latest industry knowledge — like the ones who graduate from Pennco Tech.

Prepare for a Successful HVAC&R Career with Pennco Tech

The HVAC&R industry presents the perfect opportunity for anyone looking to start a new, fruitful career that they’ll love. At Pennco Tech’s campuses in Bristol, Pennsylvania and Blackwood, New Jersey, our HVAC&R program prepares students with hands-on, intensive training. We also offer testing for the Environmental Protection Agency’s Section 608 certification, which may help graduates qualify for higher-level and higher-earning positions. The program covers the following and more:

  • Installation
  • Repair
  • Maintenance
  • Basic design
  • Troubleshooting
  • Electrical wiring and controls
  • Combustion analysis
  • Unit airflow setup and check-out
  • Personal and environmental safety and regulations

For more information about becoming an HVAC&R professional in a thriving industry, contact Pennco Tech today. Or, if you’re ready to get started, apply online now.

‘I got it!!!!!I got it!’, Anthony said as he raced into the Career Services Office. He was talking about his new job. Hired by a former graduate of Pennco Tech, Anthony will begin his new career with a two-day OSHA training course.

Anthony Z. - Air Conditioning/Heating Graduate

I enjoyed all my teachers. They made it interesting and challenging. I enjoyed going back to school at the age of 48! Career Services was a big help to me. Danielle was great. She helped me with my resume and showed me how to apply. I got the job with Dietz and Watson! Pennco Tech was the right choice for me as I get ready to start my career.

Mark E. - Electrician Graduate

I just wanted to say thank you again for all your help…I just got a full time job at Kennedy Healthcare in Stratford, NJ as a Patient Services Representative. Thank you again.

Maria Z. - Medical Assisting Administrative Graduate