Are you looking for a Medical Assistant – Administrative program? Pennco Tech is offering the program in both Bucks County, PA and Camden County, NJ. We have designed our Medical Assistant – Administrative training program to help you understand how to be a professional and accurate assistant in patient care. Finding the people who exhibit those highly sought-after skills can often mean the difference between suffering low patient retention or a healthy and thriving practice.

The Role of a Medical Assistant – Administrative

Our Medical Assistant – Administrative program teaches you to become a professional who is trained to manage the front desk operations for hospitals, doctors’ offices, and other medical facilities. You will be responsible for communicating with patients, scheduling appointments, filing insurance claims, electronic medical coding, maintaining and checking the accuracy of patient records, accounting and billing, and other administrative duties.

Clinical duties, such as assisting with exams and taking patient vital signs are also a part of this rewarding career path.

This role is essential to making sure that hospitals and medical facilities run smoothly by providing support to the doctors and other medical staff. You may have to stay current on all legal regulations and policies concerning the collection, storage, and sharing of important patient data as well.

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Benefits of the Medical Assistant – Administrative Program

There are many benefits that come with graduating from our Medical Assistant – Administrative program. Because of America’s aging population, open positions this position are booming. Jobs in this profession are expected to grow 29% between 2012 and 2022, with a total of 162,900 openings across the U.S.*

Because they are so important to the running of a hospital or clinic, these types of assistants are often able to advance professionally by becoming team leads and clinic administrators.

These professionals tend to work 40-hour weeks and very regular hours; working nights and weekends may be required only occasionally.

The Medical Assistant – Administrative program also requires much less school than other healthcare-related jobs, which can make it a perfect fit for those who would like to work in the healthcare industry without having to do years of college.

Average Salary For a Medical Assistant – Administrative

According to, the median salary for a Medical Assistant – Administrative is $35,957 per year. The highest-earning employees have a median salary of $50,336 per year, while for the lowest-earning it is $24,882 per year.*

Is the Medical Assistant – Administrative Program Right For Me?

Working as a Medical Assistant – Administrative can be a great fit for those with great social skills and a knack for staying organized in a fast-paced environment. Besides the necessary technical skills, they should have excellent people skills, as a large part of the day involves interacting with sick patients and medical staff through phone calls, emails, and face-to-face greetings and encounters.

Being able to multitask and to remember large amounts of information all at one time is also vital to being successful following the Medical Assistant – Administrative program. At Pennco Tech, we help you develop these highly sought-after skills.

Our Training Program

Getting trained in our Medical Assistant – Administrative program is an excellent way of getting a career in the healthcare industry, but without having to go through years of school to do it. Through Pennco Tech’s Medical Assistant – Administrative program, you will prepare and train for all of the administrative and clinical duties required to further your career.

Contact us today to explore your Medical Assistant – Administrative program options at our school locations in Bucks County, PA, and Camden County, NJ. For information about our Medical Assistant – Administrative program or our other programs like our Pharmacy Technician program, check out our page at